Who are these children?  

“The only family that she’s ever had is her seven horny brothers and her drunk ass dad" - Sublime   watch more video testimonies & documentaries

As Sublime's popular song "The Wrong Way” (about a 12 year-old sold for sex by her Dad and brothers) testifies, many of today’s trafficked children are introduced by family members or “friends”.  This form of trafficking is dominated by small loosely organized groups, often based within the family.  It occurs in every major city, and many small ones, in all sorts of neighborhoods, right down the street from people like you.

The next level is the more organized “trafficking ring”.  These are often run by gangs, with trafficked victims being moved from location to location, but usually only a short distance.  At this level sex slaves can be actively traded, bought and sold.  Many of the children who end up here are sold into the sex ring by their families, or are runaways.

The most professional and fastest growing segment of the sex trafficking “industry” is dominated by large-scale organized crime.   These trafficking syndicates co-opt interstate truckers and transportation companies to move sex slaves throughout the U.S.  Many of the children are brought from foreign countries, but more recently most have been seduced/abducted domestically, often using regional gangs as their suppliers.

To prey upon the children, so called "pimps" will usually  begin with sweet talk: offers of love, money, safety.  Once the child is enticed, induction by means of brute force, drugs, rape, threats of blackmail and death follow.   The pimps rule their sex slaves with a combination of dependence, guile, sedation and force.

When rescued, it's often the case that the survivor’s home is unfit to be returned to.  And most of these children have been programmed to believe that their pimp is their only hope, so they frequently try to return.  Many times the best option is complete removal from the situation.  But once off the streets, the options are limited.  The children are placed into state custody; either in the penal system or in foster homes.  Neither of these is equipped to for the extreme trauma and extraordinary needs of these children.  

This is where Blossom Care Network steps in.  The BCN program is a specialized therapeutic foster care network, with specially trained foster parents, staff and volunteers.  It's specifically designed to bring Colorado child traffic survivors into stable homes and surround them with a loving support system, where they can blossom into the people they were meant to be!

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